Interesting enough, this article seems to be “one sided”. It is automatically assumed that more senior people are being jerks towards less experienced colleagues, which behave out of their best intentions but are being misunderstood and depressed. I see only a couple advice that are like for everyone: don’t ignore comments is one example. But I believe this article completely missed helpful advice for people that are _being reviewed_. Like — critique is not about you but about your code. Don’t start feeling for your code. Accept diversity on points of view. You are not always right. There are people in this world who know a little more. If people don’t understand your code — take time explaining or fix it. And so on. Otherwise this all code review thing becomes defensive, which it should not be since it is more a knowledge sharing exercise than quality assurance.

Alexey is the Event Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design enthusiast and promoter. He works as a Developer Advocate at Event Store and Chief Architect at ABAX.

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