Hey, where is the UI part!?

Originally posted in my blog on June 5, 2019

I got quite a few questions from the readers of my book about the “missing chapter” and the part that should cover the user interface. Both are apparently missing from both the printed and electronic version.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the publisher has decided not to include the final chapter to the printed version. There must be, however, a link in the book that points to the last chapter as a PDF file. At the moment of writing, this link returns 404. It is because of the UI part.

The publisher came to me at mid-May 2019 and suggested that we shorten the book a bit. It is already more than 400 pages and covers most things that people expect. Since I am not and never was a front-end developer, my writing about Vuejs programming would be quite funny, to say at least, so we decided to omit that part.

However, they forgot to take it out from both the book cover (printed) and the description. So, everyone who bought the EAP version or the published version would wonder what is going on. I suggested to Packt that I will work a bit more on Chapter 13 and include the most important user-interface bits, at least what is absolutely required in my view to be included. As a result, the final chapter is a bit delayed.

We also agreed that I will be writing an appendix for the book that will be published in the book repository on GitHub, along with the code for the appendix. The appendix will be solely dedicated to Vuejs bits and the user interface in general, as long as the content fits the DDD implementation details.

So, expect Chapter 13 to be published online before the end of June and the UI appendix to be put in the book repository in July.



Alexey is the Event Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design enthusiast and promoter. He works as a Developer Advocate at Event Store and Chief Architect at ABAX.

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