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Quality of early software versions

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Event Sourcing in a startup

Models will be wrong

"_id": "ac2fd0edd2d74f249afea3f9014934ad",
"amount": "5600",
"bookingChannel": "",
"checkInDate": [{"$numberLong": "637498908000000000"}, 0],
"checkOutDate": [{"$numberLong": "637500636000000000"}, 0],
"externalBookingNumber": "2955008750",
"guest": {
"name": "Ole Nordmann",
"email": "",
"phone": "+78123123123"
"paidInFull": false,
"prepaid": false,
"property": {
"_id": "0392c950d8ea4840850d098af0de12df",
"name": "Great Apartment"
Projections can present the original data in different ways.


Iterations will find you a good solution, but not the best one.

Issues with Event Sourcing


Services are awesome

Concerns about services


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Alexey is the Event Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design enthusiast and promoter. He works as a Developer Advocate at Event Store and Chief Architect at ABAX.